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May 18, 2009


I share your concern about the misuse of informational sites which can be easily used as a platform for product disparagement and defamation. It is conceivable that 'informational sites' could be used as a vehicle to promote the 'reviewers' own site by illegitimately generating traffic to their site. Commercial free speech is not always responsible free speech, although the debate seems to get hijacked by certain interest groups.

Yes, I agree that it is becoming a more common practice, and one that seems to be growing. I have a chapter on these types of sites in Google Bomb the Book, scheduled to be released Septamber 1. At Dozier Internet Law, we see this practice more than every before. Thanks for commenting.

To an extent I do think this may be bad for businesses who are trying to maintain a good reputation.. I'm really still on the fence when it comes to this matter though.

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