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May 23, 2007


Internet Lawyer John W Dozier Jr of Dozier Internet Law has authored "Google Bomb". The book offers advice and guidance from an Internet lawyer perspective on protecting your name, your loved ones, and your business from online attacks.

The book by Internet lawyer John W Dozier Jr of Dozier Internet Law will be in bookstores September 1, 2009 and is available today for pre-order on

I have a question for you. Do we have to read all of the Terms and Agreements page when we're signing up for a account, lets say for g-mail?
It's really huge!

great post. now I know more about internet law. thanks

Is there any e-book available of it. I am interested to have one please.

u should be more specific about this laws .It will be easier for us to understand

Wow I didn't know there's such thing as internet law. Great thing i came across your blog. I'll check your links and hopefully find something useful. Thanks

Could we download this? You choose a very interesting or solid topic to write. its sound really very good. I don't know what would be the folk response over it but I am interested to read.

Your website is well organized and structured. A lot of cool tips and points about the TOS and copyright laws could be found in here which is definitely appreciated.

Nowadays it is really significant to be informed of the latest cyber related news before even launching a new online business.

I think internet lawyers, will earn lots of money these days. There are lots of hollywoods starsl, having or in need of their help. As well with the releases of videos which are not allowed. Thanks for your post. Hope everybody know this, so they won't try posting stuffs that will lead them to court.

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