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June 25, 2009


we are starting a bussiness on line and want a qualified internet attorney to help us get started we live in Torrance Calif. can you direct us to someone???

you can give us a call and we can discuss your needs with you...Dozier Internet Law...cybertriallawyer.com is our website.

Good day I am a Canadian that was scammed by an Americian mortgage company of $12,252.00. I am looking for a lawyer to get back my money and get paid when I do. I also suffered a loss because I had to go get a private lender that charged me $9,500 and a broker that charged me $4,000 plus I almost lost my home.This company was online and had two BBB at the bottom of their website.I paid by cash through western Union as directed and have all my receipts.They approved my mortgage asked for insurance and money down but never put any money in my bank. I asked for a refund in writing and was told it would be mailed in May/2009. I called back the company and was told the account was listed as pending and they could not tell me the status of my refund. I kept calling and they hung up on me. The last call I made I was told that number is no longer in service.Can you help meget back my money? I am a single parent and I can not afford to lose this huge amount of money.Is there anything I can do ?Please help me get back my money and damages.

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